Pack Out Content Cleaning SERVICE

We help salvage your personal items that have been damaged by water, fire, smoke, or mold. Our technicians that are trained in packing and inventory to carefully pack up and take a detailed inventory of every item that has been packed. Your items are then taken to a secured facility where they will be effectively cleaned, deodorized, and restored to their original condition. After the content restoration, your items will be safely stored until you are ready to have them delivered back to your hom

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When your home or business suffers from damage, whether it’s in the form of water, fire, or mold, the contents inside the building are also affected. AAA Restoration offers professional content pack out and storage services to protect your belongings while your home or office is undergoing cleanup and repairs. To prevent damage and to streamline the repairs process, it is vital that your belongings from your home or business are removed from the location as soon as possible. Our team will thoroughly inventory and pack your contents securely, and transport them to our secure storage facility. Every item, salvageable and non-salvageable, will be carefully documented for your records and your insurance company processing. Items that can be saved will be properly stored and safely returned to you once your home or business has been restored.

Contents Restoration

A crucial part of the restoration process is successfully recovering the contents from: private residences, schools and universities, hotels, hospitals, museums, financial institutions, national retailer, grocery stores, clothing manufacturers, industrial warehouses, and more. Salvaging sentimental belongings and prized possession are our top priority. Complete restoration of physical assets including: furnishings, Electronics, Machinery, Vital records, Inventories, Raw materials, Fine art, Office equipment, jewelry, Ultrasonic cleaning.

reasons for CONTENT pack outs


Protect the items from further damage from the cause of the loss.


If the items require cleaning or restoration.


To speed up the restoration.


To protect your contents from potential damage during restoration.


To secure your property from possible theft.


Provide insurance company with accurate tracking and accounting information.