Interior Synthetic Plaster

Stucco, roughly textured cement or plaster, is typically found on exterior walls, especially in desert areas in the Southwest. When used on interior walls, however, the coarse finish can add depth, interest and visual warmth. It can also cover up defects in the wall that are hard to hide with paint, such as large nail holes, patches, gouges, small cracks and visible joints. Interior stucco can be painted any color to match the surrounding decor and is a way to give a new home a historic or handcrafted look.

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Interior Synthetic Plaster

Beautiful, durable, breathable and low maintenance finishes

From old world venetian plasters and textured Tuscan stucco to natural stone looks, Variance Specialty Finishes provide the best in design and quality in high-end decorative surface finishes.

Endless color and texture possibilities are made available for the interior and exterior of new or existing structures.